Amour (2012)

Amour was very nearly a horror movie for me. Some of the scenes I saw were so haunting, I’d never forget. Of course – there are no ghosts. The mere thought of losing my ability to move, think, or talk frightens me enough. Throughout the film I felt as though I went through every arduous moment faced by Anne and Georges. I’m still very much affected by the film, it was heartbreaking.

I think I need to put it out there that the film’s pace is slow, with many long takes and silent scenes. It was a challenge (at times) for me to stay focused throughout the two hours, but I felt that the theme of the movie matched its pace perfectly. Actually – if the pace of Amour was significantly faster, I believe it would have felt less meaningful. Whenever I watch a film with an incredibly slow pace, I always tell myself that the ending would be worth the wait. And of course that was true for Amour. Anyway, till today I’ve yet to watch a film that’s slower than Goodbye, Dragon Inn. That is one to fight.

Although the plot of Amour is pretty straightforward, the complexity of its characters, the questions posed by the film, as well as the emotional performances of both leads made Amour an unforgettable experience for me.

Similar Films:
I would think that Amour is similar to Still Alice (2014), and Ida (2013).
Is the trailer spoiler-free?
Yup it’s safe to watch! Here you go.
Would I watch it again?
Would I recommend it to a friend?
Not unless I know they have the patience. But I would like my parents to watch this film.
Can I watch it with my friends and family?
Yes, I would watch this with my parents. There is a non-sexual nude scene (caretaker helping to give an old lady a shower), but it is harmless, I don’t think anyone in my family would be offended by that scene. The film, however, opens with a scene of the police discovering a rotting corpse – so you might not want any kids to be around for that.


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