Colossal (2017)

Colossal was so good. I’m actually still high from what just happened. So I saw the trailer, and like most people, I thought this was going to be a nice, chill-out comedy that’s gonna be a little bit artsy as well, something like Hunt for the Wilderpeople.

But Colossal’s genre turned out to actually be a mix of the comedy, action, fantasy and thriller genres. It is like Paula Hawkins/Gillian Flynn meets Godzilla/Pacific Rim. I know I just compared authors and movies but okay I really am trying my best not to spoil anything – and by specifying which books it would (in my opinion) be revealing too much.

You know what Colossal is? It is that finally-awaited mainstream fantasy/action film that actually appeals to both the mass audience and the arsty farsty folks. Like finally! A film that is easy to understand, and also a film that honestly respects its audience’s intellect.

Respect. That is one of the most basic things I expect from a film when I fork out 10 bucks of my hard-earned money to watch it. A film that doesn’t think I’m too stupid to understand what is going on, that you have to spoon-feed every explanation out to me like I’m a fool. There is one crucial scene in Colossal, where Gloria (played by Anne Hathaway) just looks at Oscar (played by Jason Sudeikis) and she just knew what he was thinking even though he didn’t say anything. And I also knew what he was thinking! And that was it – no unnecessary information through meaningless explanations to tell the audience what the hell is going on because the director trusts the audience is smart enough to know. THANK YOU FOR HAVING FAITH!

With a budget of just $15 million, I thought the graphics in the monster scenes were decent. Wonder woman had a budget ten times more than that and the graphics in Themyscira were so bad. I take graphics really seriously, because when I watch a movie, I want to be completely immersed in that universe. And anything that distracts me – bad graphics, cheap costumes (i.e. wonder woman, again) – is going to snap me back into reality.

Okay so when I watch a film these days, I know I can’t get the best of everything. So far I noticed that I’ve always had to pick between a good plot, and good character development. Nothing disappoints me more than a movie with a lame plot AND shallow characters. So Colossal, one of the rare ones, has a really good plot and two very emotionally complex lead actors! I thought Hathaway was going to carry the entire film on her shoulders, but for me, Sudeikis’ performance was even more convincing. Yeah, I think he stole the limelight from Hathaway!

Colossal has more to it than just its (already very good) face value. As I look back at the film and think about what happened, I find myself admiring it even more because of all the hidden messages (I can’t elaborate on this because it might spoil the movie). So you see, movies that want to do this have to make sure their film taken at face value is already good. I’m still mighty pissed at Get Out. I mean, all the easter eggs, hidden mickeys and shit, okay fine, it is quite cool. But duuuude, take away all of that and what have you got left? A sci-fi flick with an ending I saw coming from miles away. If I can guess the ending before it happens, I’m not satisfied.

So Colossal! Go watch it in the cinemas. Yes, pay for it and don’t watch it online – because we have to show our support for good movies like this 🙂 If you’re in Singapore too, like me, it comes out today, so go watch it with your friends!

Similar Films: 
Can’t think of any… Like I said, it feels like a mix of several things (see above).
Is the trailer spoiler-free?
YES, nearly misleading (but in a good way!)
Would I watch it again? 
Would I recommend it to a friend? 
Yes!! (Mass texted nearly everyone I knew immediately after the film.)
Can I watch it with my family and friends? 
Yes, if you are okay with some vulgarities, some violence, and a lot of alcohol. No sex scenes! I do not think this is appropriate for kids though, because the themes are very mature. More information here. It’s generally a very “clean” film – hey its PG13 here in Singapore!

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