Bad Genius (2017)

I’ve always been a fan of GDH’s work, but Bad Genius just blew my mind.

I heard about Bad Genius from a close friend of mind, who always updates me whenever something new by GDH rolls around. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the light-hearted comedies by them: May Who, Fan Day, Pee Mak, but this film is… different.

One thing that really interests me are real-life exposés (Spotlight, The Big Short, cue Trust Me I’m Lying by Ryan Holiday) and Bad Genius was a good balance between exposé, and thriller. In fact, wikipedia defined it’s sub-genre of thriller as heist thriller, which sounds about right. I was literally at the edge of my seat, shaking, at some scenes.

Chanon takes us on an emotional ride with his performance, I can’t believe this dude played that harmless goody-two-shoes Net in Hormones! He should have been given more limelight! There is a lot of attention on Aokbab for her performance as Lynn, but I thought Chanon gave a better range. (Okay given that this is Aokbab’s debut role, I guess I can’t just compare them like this.) Anyhow, Bank and Lynn were dynamite on screen. Their love/hate relationship was always electrifying, and I found myself rooting for the both of them in Bad Genius.

There is an underlying message in this film, but I’m glad they didn’t dive into it so much. (Another film maker who respects the intellect of his audience!) I also couldn’t help but notice that the colour of the film’s mise-en-scene seemed to always be coordinated. Like a Wes Andersen film, except, not so obvious. It came to me as an afterthought long after the film was over, that everything looked really nice. It contributed to the mood of the film, and I appreciate the creators/editors for putting so much effort into every tiny detail.

This is definitely my favourite Thai film to date (not that I’ve seen much yet, but hey! Now is a start) and you can now find it in my Asian Films favourites list. So if you’re free this weekend, go catch Bad Genius in the cinemas before it phases out! Watch it alone if you can’t grab anyone with you, because GDH doesn’t produce export edition DVDs of their films, so you’d better go watch it now while the english subtitles are still available to you or forever hold your peace.


More Information on Bad Genius

Trailer: Contains too many spoilers – don’t watch it!
Rating: PG13 (mild profanities)
Would Rewatch: YES
Enjoyable: YES
Good Film: Yesssss


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