The Big Sick (2017)

It’s so hard to find good comedy these days. I absolutely loved The Big Sick. I would say it’s somewhere in between 20th Century Women, Napoleon Dynamite and What We Do In The Shadows. I love all of these films as much as I love The Big Sick.

Kumail Nanjiani was so endearing, I enjoyed watching him interact with all these various kinds of people in the film. Mummy’s boy at home, the nice dude at work, and the charming guy in a loving relationship. His character goes through so many ups and downs, we see him at his best and at his worst (one of my favourite scenes in this movie actually has him at his worst).

None of the lead characters are shallow, which made this film more than just another romantic comedy. I would think that The Big Sick is a film that could cater to both the up-market moviegoers and the average mass audience. It’s not the usual kind of humor we see in standard comedies, the humor in this film has a lot of awkwardness in it, which made the film funny and also very delightful at the same time. Ray Romano, Holly Hunter and Kumail Nanjiani are a golden combination, I couldn’t stop laughing, let’s give the casting director and screenwriters a big round of applause.


This is a great date night movie to chill out to with your friends over dinner. I don’t see how anything could go wrong with deciding to watch this film. It doesn’t get violent, contains many thought-provoking moments, has enough peaks and dips to keep the viewer engaged, and leaves you feeling good at the end, as all romcoms aim to do.

The Big Sick does touch on the topic of racial differences. If this film wasn’t written from Nanjiani and his wife’s real-life experience at dealing with this issue, I might have been skeptical about how true it was, and also less satisfied with the happy ending. I have no idea why I always assume that reality is tragic. Anything that ends on a happy note is unrealistic to me. So if you’re like me, and hence you stay away from romantic comedies because you also think that they’re built on delusions, then you might want to make The Big Sick an exception just this once. Because the writers (Nanjiani and his wife, Emily Gordon, to whom he’s happily married to) wrote this film loosely based on their own very-real lives! Just throwing in some facts to make all the skeptics switch sides.

Would I watch this film again? Absolutely! This is a good movie that lives up to the hype it’s getting.


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