Self-Criticism of a Bourgeois Dog (2017)

This movie screened at The Projector as part of the film line-up for the 2017 German Film Festival here in Singapore. I decided to bring a friend along with me to the cinema this time!

This film actually started off feeling quirky and fun, up until midway when it suddenly took a strange, abrupt turn and proceeded to plunge itself into madness. By that point it felt like a fever dream, where nothing made sense at all and I was just constantly wondering where this madness was headed towards, and also mostly asking when the hell it was going to end.


It was such a shame because this film was very beautiful! Every shot looked like a photograph and it reminded me of Wes Andersen’s work. Everything from the colour, to the quirky conversations, it was very buoyant and uplifting, a real joy to watch. I’m still torn by my experience because the first half of the movie was pretty good. I don’t know what happened in the second half, but I can’t ignore it. It was bad.

I really wanted to like this film, but the characters were so unappealing. They were either dumb, deluded, conceited or boring. There was not much to like character-wise nor plot-wise. At the end of the film my friend asked how the heck this film even made it into the festival’s selection. Another person said that this wasn’t a real movie.

I did think that perhaps the use of both English and German in the film made me feel disoriented about what I was watching, but then again I loved Victoria (which was in both English and German). I don’t know, it just felt like this film was pretending to be something, then lost sight of it, and then just did a “whatever comes to my mind” kinda move towards the end.

I’m not going to attempt to look for metaphors within the film, nor try to force out an interpretation just to make some sense of it. That would just be too pretentious of me. I’ll just be blunt about this: I didn’t like it. I don’t know if some artsy people might think otherwise, but I don’t recommend this movie.

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