Kedi (2017)

Cause I don’t belong to anyone
And nobody belongs to me
— John Mayer (Perfectly Lonely, 2009)

I’ve always liked cats. Unfortunately I live in a family that either hates/fears cats, so I’ve never really had the chance to live with one. Watching Kedi felt like I was given a chance to step into the shoes of the people in Istanbul, as we followed them during their daily routines where they would interact with the cats. It was such a relaxing movie to ease into at the end of a hard day at work!

Screenshot (315)

It’s really sweet film! We get to meet these lovely people whose lives have been changed after they started interacting with cats, others who look up to/admire their feline friends from afar, and also people who were simply happy and contented to be living alongside them in the city. For people who don’t particularly like cats, they might not see the value of this film, because there isn’t really a structure or direction to this film. It felt like an informal collection of diary entries from various people living in Istanbul. Listening to their perspectives about these cats was really fascinating to me because I come from a country that doesn’t respect cats the way they do.

For example, I’ve never heard a Singaporean mention how he’s honoured that a cat gave him attention, or anyone saying how they admired the way cats carried themselves with such poise. Cats have such distinct personalities, and the people in this film convey their feelings and opinions about these cats in a way that only cat lovers would do – seeing them as our equal, not as stray animals. Hence, the film also made me really want to visit Istanbul, not just to see the cats, but also to get to know these people who have such deep respect for cats! They seem very interesting.

That being said, I thought this film could have been prettier? I’m not saying that the cinematography was BAD or anything, no. I just thought that occasionally, it would have been better if the colours were a little brighter. Certain scenes seemed to be drained of colour, in a way that it felt like they shot the scene on an iphone. Or maybe it was meant to look that way, perhaps they left the colours plain because there was a certain feeling of simplicity they wished to convey. Anyway it’s just a thought.

So would I recommend this film? Definitely, if you like cats 🙂 Because this film is really ALL about cats, and if you don’t like them, then there’s going to be little left for you to enjoy. Though I still can’t understand why people dislike cats.

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