Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017)

I’ll admit, although I am a huge fan of Kevin Hart, I had my reservations about this film. I just wasn’t exactly sure about the comedic direction of the film, and I did take a look at the past films directed by Jake Kasdan — and it wasn’t convincing. If it weren’t for the rave reviews it’s got thus far, I probably would not have decided to catch it in the cinemas.

But I did.

I paid thirteen dollars on a weekend ticket for Jumanji, and it was worth. every. cent.


I really wonder how much the actors actually stuck to the written script. Because they seemed to have adjusted/adapted most of their jokes, which was amazing and it gave me what I constantly seek for in a films of all genres — originality. Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart and Jack Black were all hilarious in their own unique ways, which made the film such a joy to watch. It felt like I was watching a group of friends trying to survive in crazy jungle.

And it’s been a while since I’ve truly enjoyed watching an American comedy (last one I loved was The Big Sick), because I’ve noticed that these films are always centered on crude, insulting jokes, which I don’t appreciate. The ones that aren’t crude, are just friggin’ lame. I’m sorry, but I’m not intending to watch Pitch Perfect 3, Daddy’s Home 2, or Father Figures. I honestly can’t deal with another one of those comedies.

I think there’s actually a lot of “science” involved when it comes to comedies. It’s something I’ve yet to understand in great detail, but I think only masters like Kevin Hart and Jack Black know exactly what it takes to tickle their audiences in a memorable way. They’re not just dishing out jokes for the sake of it, they’re using their knowledge and past experiences to make us genuinely laugh. I don’t know what the terms are, I don’t even know if anyone has studied comedy in detail to coin these terms yet, which is why I’m finding it very hard to accurately describe why I enjoy comedies like Jumanji.

Maybe it’s the honesty and depth given to the characters, as well as the actors’ thorough commitment to their roles and purposes. It makes these characters come to life. I found this interview of Kevin Hart online, maybe his words would make more sense to you: click here.


It’s not just about being funny. It’s about believing me… What I really love is my hat. My hat acts like another version of my character. I’m tugging on the hat when I’m in disbelief, or the fact that I can’t run, and I always revert back to the hat. You all got me in this stupid ass hat. It’s just funny. — Kevin Hart

Jumanji was hands-down hilarious. I highly recommend this film if you’re looking to spend a fun weekend at the movies with your friends. Trust me, this is a comedy that respects its audiences’ sense of humor. You won’t be pity-laughing and neither would you feel like you’ve wasted your time on another mindless flick. The hard work put into this film really comes through, and you’ll enjoy this ride for sure.

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