Breathe (2017)

I’ll be honest. I agreed to watch this only because Claire Foy was in it. And also because my mum was the one who dragged my dad and I to the theatres to catch it. And also because we had free tickets.

Breathe was really… predictable. Somehow it didn’t feel original even though I’ve never heard of Robin Cavendish’s story before. The way the story was told felt all too familiar, and you can tell what this film is going to be about, just by watching the trailer. I’m not implying that the film is bad, but… it’s just not that memorable.

On a side note, I didn’t really enjoy The Theory of Everything either, but one thing for sure is that Eddie Redmayne was a far more convincing actor than Andrew Garfield.


I felt that Breathe had a message that was a little too obvious. There were scenes that seemed as if they were written in, to make the audience feel good, and happy, and hopeful… and I just caught myself rolling my eyes a little too often throughout the film. It got a bit cheesy at times.

I’m not sure what exactly I was looking for in the film, but it dragged a bit at the start, and I found myself wishing I had a remote control to fast forward the film to the part he got polio (I’m not really proud of this). It was just so dry because there wasn’t any chemistry between Garfield and Foy until much later.

Maybe I wanted the film to be darker? Everything looked a little too pretty, too clean, too rosy at times. And maybe, just maybe, it might have been more impactful as a tragic film than an optimistic one.

But I understand that Jonathan Cavendish probably would want to paint his family’s story in a positive manner, it’s really nice and kinda sweet if you saw this film as a son’s heartfelt gift to the inspiring dad he once had.

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