The Post (2017)


I don’t get it, I really don’t. I felt like I was led on by the big names plastered all over the posters. Not cool.


This movie felt like it was rushed into production and/or was made just for the sake of making a political statement. I didn’t learn anything about the pentagon papers nor about the people who risked everything to get it published. Which was really disappointing to me. I look forward to watching films based on true events because I want to learn (in detail) about all that happened, through a medium that I find enjoyable – which is, going to the movies. But if a movie is going to be as uninformative and boring as The Post, I would feel as if I wasted my time, effort, and money.

Just to compare this film against other films (that I love) that were based on true stories:
If Spotlight was a 9/10, and The Big Short an 8/10, and The Bridge of Spies a 7/10, then The Post is at most a 5/10. I’ve tried, but I can’t find a single thing worth praising about this movie.

Were the characters complex? – No.
Was the plot predictable? – Yes.
Was the movie engaging? – Not until halfway.
If it wasn’t engaging, then was the ending worth the wait? – No.
Was the screenplay inspiring? – No.
Was this movie forgettable? – Already forgotten.

I mean, Katharine Graham went through so much during this period, and yet this movie made it seem as if all she did everyday was to fall asleep on her papers, host parties for politicians, and most importantly… to decide whether or not to go to print. Seriously? You’re expecting me to believe that’s all there was to Katharine Graham? I learnt zilch about this amazing woman and the emotional hell she went through.

And what about the guy who first snuck out the pentagon papers? What about the folks at The New York Times? What about the parties who were implicated by the release of these papers? What about the citizens who suffered because the papers were hidden? What about the people who read the papers, how did it change their lives? Where are all these perspectives? Why were they not shown? Do their lives and emotions not matter, or were the producers restrained from providing too much information about the events?


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