Loving Vincent (2017)

I was skeptical at first, when I heard how this was a fully-painted feature film. I thought it’d be jarring, but the movements and transitions turned out quite alright actually! Very smooth. I remember when the film transited from the opening credits to the start of the film and I was just spellbound, sat there gawking at the brilliant colours I was looking at.

I’ve always liked Vincent Van Gogh’s artwork, even though I’m no art expert. The colours he used in his paintings always stole my attention. And it was also through his work that I learnt how beautiful blue and yellow could look like together. Hence this film was such a treat to the eyes for me. The entire film was painted in Van Gogh’s style, and many of the scenes were based on actual paintings by Van Gogh.

It was an incredibly refreshing experience, definitely an unforgettable one. There’s not much to the plot, as it’s just about a guy that we follow, as he investigates Van Gogh’s last days from the various perspectives of people who were with him before he shot himself (or did he?).

Normality is a paved road. It’s comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow on it. — Vincent Van Gogh

If you’re watching this film for answers, you won’t get any. But you would get a rough idea of who Van Gogh was, and what he meant to the people he met. I feel like I’m able to appreciate him a lot more now, knowing the kind of person he was. His insecurity despite his undeniable talent was rather endearing, although also really sad because that might have indirectly led him to his death.

Loving Vincent was such a beautiful film. If it were possible to frame this movie on my wall, I would. Then everyday I’d be able to see a moving Van Gogh painting. If you like art, or you’re one of those who’s willing to set aside time to appreciate a beautiful film that’s aesthetically pleasing in terms of colour/cinematography/artwork, then Loving Vincent is a movie you must experience!

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