The Shape of Water (2017)

I waited for this movie for nearly one year. The last time I spent this long anticipating a movie was Disney’s Frozen. And just like Frozen, I thought that The Shape of Water was also highly overrated. And to be honest, I kinda saw it coming.

Apart from the fact that it’s a love story between a mute girl and a water monster, I don’t know what else about this film was original. The plot was predictable, the script hardly had any real personality in it, there was a stereotypical villain, and a duh, of course a hero who saves the day. Basically, I left the cinema rolling my eyes, feeling like I’ve just watched a typical hollywood blockbuster.

Such a pretty ending, a crowd-pleaser. I hated it. I didn’t sign up for nice, predictable, spoon-fed hollywood fantasies and happy-ever-afters. I won’t remember this film in time to come. Which is such a shame, really. I absolutely adored the idea of a human and a monster being in love. This film had such a fascinating premise, and it’s such a shame they stuck with a cookie-cutter formula. Amongst all the Oscar-nominated films this year, I put The Shape of Water in the same category as The Post: the “Overrated” category. But The Post was worse.

As a fan of this human-monster premise, I thought this movie was way better than Hellboy. Hellboy was absolute garbage. Now that I’ve seen a couple of Guillermo’s films, I think the one I liked the most was Crimson Peak, and that wasn’t even a great movie. I don’t know what’s so great about this guy. Maybe I need to talk to a real Guillermo del Toro fan and get some legit recommendations on which of his films to watch. Maybe some obscure independent film he made a long time ago.

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