Mudbound (2017)

Mudbound is the kind of film that I’d watch only once.

It’s a really good film but because the heavy themes, and the awful feeling of dread you have at the end of the film… I wouldn’t want to put myself through that again.

The film is about two boys (one white, and one black) who came home after World War II, back to their hometown in rural Mississippi, a place that was plagued with racism and social prejudice. As war veterans, the boys share a common trauma, and they both found it hard to assimilate back into society, so they started wasting their days on alcohol and cigarettes with each other (something that really annoyed me, to be honest). Running parallel to this plot is the story of both their families, where we see the differences in the way people were treated in that town, during that period.

I don’t know, this film felt like it’s been done many times. There’s nothing new introduced here, and I could roughly see whether the story was headed to most of the time. The good thing is that most of the actors were extremely committed to their roles, and giving very convincing performances. The only person I thought who was dragging the otherwise stellar cast behind was Jason Mitchell. You’d think they’d pick a better actor for one of the leading roles. I’m slightly appalled than Jason Mitchell made the cut at all. His performance seriously paled in comparison to the rest of them. It was so unnatural it made me uncomfortable to watch him.


But okay, it must be mentioned that Mary J. Blige, Carey Mulligan, Garrett Hedlund and Rob Morgan really carried the film. They broke my heart and the scenes from this film that I’d never forget all have them in it. Jonathan Banks was a great “villain” character too (people tend to forget about the bad guys, they’re important too!).

Mudbound is a good film with a meaningful message about relationships, social hierarchy and tradition.

But I wouldn’t watch it again, just once is enough, thank you.

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