Hello there! And welcome to me. Just kidding. (if you didn’t get that, click here.)

I decided to create this because I noticed that I often got stuck in a situation where I suggested a film to watch on movie night – and it turned out to be bad. BAM! Another ruined occasion. Nothing upsets me more than having to deal with that sinking feeling we all get at the end of a terrible movie. I’d just want to go home, have a cup of very hot tea, and cry myself to sleep.

So here I am, trying to contribute to society in a different way!

I’m gonna sieve out what’s out there, and hopefully create a list of good movies for you to watch – either alone, or with someone. It is hard to recommend movies that would be perfect for all occasions, because sometimes we just want to watch a really violent film to let out all that anger within us, or a really cheesy romantic film to fill that void in our empty days. There are many one-size-fits-all movies out there that are good, like The Truman Show, but I think it is important to experiment outside these boundaries every once in a while. It’s like art, the one that really really speaks to you, wouldn’t be the one everybody appreciates. So I guess what I’m trying to say is, I’d try to make unique lists (like what Spotify does!) with films of various genres, moods and tastes, catered for all kinds of occasions. An Asian perspective at that too, if it interests you!