Maudie (2016)

Now wasn't this film just the sweetest thing! Maudie is one of the most sensitive films I've seen in a while, it'll make you feel all fuzzy and warm inside 🙂 I highly recommend it to anyone out there who's wondering what to watch on a date night, or maybe something soothing to relax into with… Continue reading Maudie (2016)

Sour Grapes (2016)

Oh how much I enjoyed this documentary! So exciting and so fascinating. You could actually read about the story in this book, too. I watched Sour Grapes on Netflix a while ago, but I'm still super fascinated by Rudy Kurniawan. Gosh I don't even know if that is his real name at all. People like… Continue reading Sour Grapes (2016)

10 Film Reviews I’ve Been Procrastinating

Here are ten films I've watched recently this year, that weren't quite amazing and yet not quite terrible either, and hence I've been shoving them aside for films on more extreme ends of the spectrum. Anyway, here they are, and I've ranked them accordingly -- last one being the worst (spoiler: it's a Marvel film).… Continue reading 10 Film Reviews I’ve Been Procrastinating

The Incredibles 2

Everyone's favorite family of superheroes is back in "Incredibles 2"! But this time Helen is in the spotlight, leaving Bob at home with Violet and Dash to navigate the day-to-day heroics of "normal" life. It's a tough transistion for everyone, made tougher by the fact that the family is still unaware of baby Jack-Jack's emerging… Continue reading The Incredibles 2